Marriage Story leads 2019 Florida Film Critics Awards Nominations

Winners to be announced December 23

FFCC members on ‘The Lighthouse’

FFCC members on Robert Eggers’ atmospheric horror movie The Lighthouse.

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern interviews Andrew Hevia on his new art documentary

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern spoke with Miami-raised and educated filmmaker Andrew Hevia (a producer of the Oscar-winning Moonlight) about his new documentary Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window. Here’s what Hevia had to say about the challenge of immersing himself in the Hong Kong art scene while knowing little about the language and culture […]

FFCC members on ‘Ad Astra’

FFCC members on James Gray’s space adventure Ad Astra.

FFCC members on ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’

FFCC members on Quentin Tarantino’s latest, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.

FFCC members on ‘Midsommar’

FFCC members on Ari Aster’s latest horror entry Midsommar. 

FFCC members on ‘Dark Phoenix’

FFCC members on Simon Kinberg’s X-Men movie Dark Phoenix. 

Founding FFCC Chairman Jay Boyar Passes Away

The FFCC is in mourning after the passing of one of our founding members and the organization’s first chairman, Jay Boyar.

FFCC members on ‘Long Day’s Journey Into Night’

FFCC members on Bi Gan’s surreal 3D hybrid movie, Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

FFCC members on ‘Us’

FFCC members on Jordan Peele’s latest horror movie, Us.