FFCC members on ‘Us’

FFCC members on Jordan Peele’s latest horror movie, Us.

Allison Hazlett-Rose, FlickDirect

Us is certainly one of the smarter horror/thriller movies that have come about in the past several years (besides Get Out) and Peele knows how to terrify us without gore or crazy jump scares.”

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Juan Barquin, Miami New Times

“Even when the film leans into some of its dumber scripting, it’s clear Us exists to show us what a damn fine director Jordan Peele is, and how much love for horror there is deep in its bones.”

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Pavel Klein, Writer Pavel Write

Us is an entertaining horror film with mass appeal, but the sum of its parts is greater than its whole.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“As far as how it stands as a horror movie, Us is not always as scary as it could have been, and sometimes the lack of explanation feels less like subversion and more like plot holes.”

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Ruben Rosario, Miami Artzine

“There’s also a deflating disparity between how risk-prone the movie’s central quartet are as opposed to the rest of the characters. You know a horror movie’s is in trouble when the most transgressive moment doesn’t involve its protagonists.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“As bloody as a rare filet, Jordan Peele’s second film is a genre film first and foremost. From the point of view of career sustainability, it’s the shrewdest move he could have made, dampening expectations from audiences primed to think Peele has something meaningful to say about The Way We Live Now.”

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John ThomasonPalm Beach ArtsPaper

Us is a marvelously choreographed dance on the razor’s edge of comedy and terror, with a loaded narrative architecture borrowing from numerology (the 11:11 thing recurs), time slips, changelings and doppelganger mythology.”

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