FFCC members on ‘Ad Astra’

FFCC members on James Gray’s space adventure Ad Astra.

Pavel Klein, Punch Drunk Movies

“A gorgeous spectacle that speaks to our brains as much as it does to our adrenaline pumping hearts, Ad Astra is one of the year’s best movies.”

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Cameron MeierOrlando Weekly

“[Gray] interweaves a tale of space exploration with a much smaller and deeply introspective story of personal destiny and father-son relationships. The result is arguably the best film of 2019 so far.”

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“The relationship between father and son typifies the social construct of men following in their father’s passions for the sake of validation of existence. It also plays a key role in the drama but also in making this film so much more than over action and special effects.”

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Alfred Soto, Humanizing the Vacuum

“It doesn’t play with schlock nor embrace alternative forms of zero gravity psychosexual expression like Claire Denis’ High Life did several months ago — a film that looks increasingly visionary because of its wack-ness. We’ve been in space, we’ve heard these screams.”

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Ruben RosarioPunch Drunk Movies

“The journey of a few billion miles is dwarfed by the chasm separating an unmoored man from being able to reach his loved ones, James Gray conveys with exacting mastery of his craft. He’s made one of the best films of the year.”

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John ThomasonBoca Mag

“While it’s not the artiest space odyssey of the year—that would still be Claire Denis’ High Life—it is unusually deep for studio sci-fi. That it may also be James Gray’s most determinedly commercial movie is a testament to the director’s continued ability to deliver on his oxymoronic specialty: somber entertainment.”

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