Steve Persall on how much the Golden Globes really matter

The Tampa Bay Times‘ film critic (and FFCC member) Steve Persall goes into how much the Golden Globes, which take place this Sunday (January 12) matter. The following is an excerpt from his piece in the Times.

Margot Robbie on ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: It’s not a movie to please the masses

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern chatted with The Wolf of Wall Street breakout star Margot Robbie. The following is an excerpt from his interview.

Hap’s favorite films of 2013: No one standout, but lots of winners

As the year comes to a close and moviegoers start thinking of awards, there is no clear favorite for the Best Picture Oscar, but a general acknowledgement that 2013 has seen several first-rate films, from major studio releases (Gravity) to small independent movies (Nebraska). From the over-praised (American Hustle) to the underappreciated (Stories We Tell) […]