FFCC members on ‘Dark Phoenix’

FFCC members on Simon Kinberg’s X-Men movie Dark Phoenix

Allison Hazlett-Rose, FlickDirect

“Turner was a good casting choice to play the most powerful being in the galaxy.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“To measure where it works, however, is to appreciate its focus on the film’s central, private struggle of the woman at the heart of Dark Phoenix.”

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Ruben Rosario, Punch Drunk Movies

“It wants to spread its wings and glide above other comic book-based tentpoles’ more juvenile storylines, but Dark Phoenix … merely ekes out an uninspired mishmash of material considerably better handled in prior entries.”

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Ruben Peralta RigaudCocalecas

“It’s a waste of really good characters and terrible antagonist. But overall, it’s just another fun movie.” (Translated from Spanish)

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