FFCC members on ‘Midsommar’

FFCC members on Ari Aster’s latest horror entry Midsommar

Juan Barquin, Dim the House Lights

“Where Hereditary felt like two souls at odds with each other in one body, Midsommar is a work of cathartic camp.”

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“If you’re a gorehound, you might be disappointed that the most gruesome acts in Midsommar happen early on and are never topped. After that, many of the more terrifying acts that befall the victims happen off screen. This is more Rosemary’s Baby horror than Saw. The viewer is asked to invest in the conflicted emotional state of a young woman saddled with a recent family tragedy and her uninvested, unsympathetic boyfriend. This is where the film’s heart and soul lies.”

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Ruben Peralta RigaudCocalecas

“Once we have been devastated by its opening sequence, Aster’s inverted cinematography and leads us through the sinuous paths of evil.” (Translated from Spanish)

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Alfred Soto, Humanizing the Vacuum

“As satisfyingly as the pieces cohere, and as much pleasure as Midsommar‘s craft offers, the film’s also too smart to see its dumbness; the details are so finished that Aster misses the scuffs.”

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