FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern interviews Andrew Hevia on his new art documentary

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern spoke with Miami-raised and educated filmmaker Andrew Hevia (a producer of the Oscar-winning Moonlight) about his new documentary Leave The Bus Through The Broken Window. Here’s what Hevia had to say about the challenge of immersing himself in the Hong Kong art scene while knowing little about the language and culture […]

Yorgos Lanthimos talks ‘The Lobster’ in two-part interview with Hans Morgenstern

FFCC vice chair Hans Morgenstern spoke to director Yorgos Lanthimos about his new film The Lobster.

Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson, directors of ‘Anomalisa,’ interviewed by Hans Morgenstern

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern spoke to Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, the directors of the Oscar-nominated stop motion animated drama Anomalisa.

A conversation with three Miami filmmakers by Hans Morgenstern

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern spoke with Carla Forte, Jillian Mayer and Monica Peña, three distinctive voices that are putting Miami’s independent film scene on the global map, in the Miami New Times. All three Miami-based filmmakers are the subjects of a retrospective at the Miami Beach Cinematheque, which begins this Friday and culminates in a conversation with them led by […]

Florida Film Critics Circle Discussion on WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat

Recently, Dan Hudak welcomed Hans Morgenstern to his annual Florida Film Critics Circle Discussion on WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat.

Joshua Oppenheimer, director of The Look of Silence, interview by Hans Morgenstern

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern spoke to Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer about his latest film, The Look of Silence. His two-part interview covers everything from Oppenheimer’s influences to how his film strives to offer a sense of healing in the wake of the Indonesian genocide …

FFCC members review ‘Life Itself’

FFCC members review Steve James spellbinding documentary on the life and career of legendary film critic and trailblazer Roger Ebert.

‘Her’ FFCC Reviews

FFCC members review Spike Jonze’s Her.

FFCC members’ 2013 Top 10 lists

A collection of end-of-year Top 10 lists of FFCC members.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ FFCC Reviews

FFCC members review Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.