FFCC members on ‘Room’

FFCC members review Lenny Abrahamson’s latest film, Room starring Brie Larson.

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FFCC members review Noah Baumbach’s screwball comedy Mistress America.

FFCC Critics Year-End Best of 2014 Lists

You’ve seen the FFCC’s 2014 list of winners but here are the individual lists of some of the group’s more prolific members.  Click on the link below each list to read their full year-in-review article.

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FFCC members review John Wells’ August: Osage County.

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FFCC member reviews of Stephen Frears’ Philomena.

Connie Ogle

Publications: The Miami Herald Twitter: @OgleConnie Email Connie   Connie Ogle’s mother swears she began reading books in her crib at the ripe age of 6 months. She’s been working at The Miami Herald since the Palm Beach bureau had a bar in the lobby (let’s just call it the late ‘80s) and has been […]