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FFCC member reviews of Stephen Frears’ Philomena.


Bill GibronFilm Racket

“Featuring fine work from Dame Judy Dench and a surprising Steve Coogan, this is a movie which manufactures drama out of the everyday life story of dozens of desperate women. In fact, it couches its often critical view of the Catholic Church and its treatment of young ladies “in trouble” in an aura of pro-faith absolution that seems antithetical to what actually transpired in this based-on-a-true-story situation.”

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Connie OgleThe Miami Herald

“Much of the beauty of Philomena, which was directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen), lies in its odd-couple characters and the superb actors portraying them. Martin and Philomena are two very different sorts of people who baffle and surprise each other but who can’t help but grow close as the search goes on.”

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Steve PersallTampa Bay Times

“Director Stephen Frears keeps the humor and heartache coming at a stately pace, muting the story’s innate sentimentality. Anthony’s patiently uncovered truths are the only real surprises. Philomena is simply one of those small, true stories that astonish in print and inspire good movies, showing up in theaters just in time for awards consideration. In Dench’s case, consider her an Oscar favorite.”

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Ruben RosarioMiami Sun Post

“Frears allows the melodrama to go way over the top, and present-day Philomena’s fish-out-of-water behavior leads to some cloying moments aimed at the AARP set, but even with its careening, you’ll-laugh-you’ll-cry tonal shifts, Philomena, which was adapted from the book the real Martin Sixsmith wrote of his quest to find Philomena’s son, is still a grabber that earns its tears, if not all its laughs, thanks to a story that keeps on springing genuine surprises.”

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