FFCC Critics Year-End Best of 2014 Lists

You’ve seen the FFCC’s 2014 list of winners but here are the individual lists of some of the group’s more prolific members.  Click on the link below each list to read their full year-in-review article.

The Certitude of Man

FFCC member Kai R. Sacco reviews Mike Cahill’s new film, I Origins, which centers on a molecular biologist’s quest to invalidate intelligent design through the study of the human eye. The following is an excerpt from his review.

‘Pompeii’ Echoes Not In Eternity

Kai Sacco of Film with Kai Sacco reviews Paul W.S. Anderson’s disaster Pompeii.

MIFF Movie Review: ‘Elsa & Fred’

FFCC critic Kai Sacco reviews Elsa & Fred, the opening night film of the 2014 Miami International Film Festival.

From Meth to Speed

FFCC member Kai Sacco reviews Scott Waugh’s Need for Speed.