FFCC members review ‘Life Itself’

FFCC members review Steve James spellbinding documentary on the life and career of legendary film critic and trailblazer Roger Ebert.

Dan Hudak, Hudak On Hollywood

“How fitting that Ebert, who inspired an entire generation of film critics (myself included), would say goodbye to the movie world by inspiring people to live life to its absolute fullest, then be at terms with one helluva fun ride when it’s time to go.”

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Hans Morgenstern, Independent Ethos

Life Itself stands as something so much more than a movie about a movie critic. Though James spends time going into what drove Ebert’s aesthetic principles as a film critic … this is a film less concerned with film criticism than it is humanity.”

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Rene Rodriguez, The Miami Herald

‘Movies are a machine that helps us generate a little empathy,’ Ebert said about films. Life Itself is a lovely, eloquent tribute to a man who devoted his existence to showing us just that.”

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Reuben Pereira, Examiner.com

Life Itself, which was based on Ebert’s autobiography of the same name, covers nearly every iota of the man’s life—the highs, the lows, the ugly moments and eventually, even the downright unwatchable stuff. It’s an unflinching portrait of the man—exactly the type of film Ebert would have championed.”

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