FFCC’s Top Films of the Decade

In early 2020, long before the Covid19 global pandemic, members of the Florida Film Critics Circle were asked to share their individual lists of the Best Films of the 2010s. Like the members themselves, the lists were eclectic and diverse. Over 100 movies received a vote. After tabulating the results using a weighted ranking system […]

Joshua Oppenheimer, director of The Look of Silence, interview by Hans Morgenstern

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern spoke to Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer about his latest film, The Look of Silence. His two-part interview covers everything from Oppenheimer’s influences to how his film strives to offer a sense of healing in the wake of the Indonesian genocide …

‘Act of Killing’ directors respond to Oscar nomination

When the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were announced last month, FFCC member Hans Morgenstern immediately reached out to one of the nominees, The Act of Killing co-director Joshua Oppenheimer. The following is an excerpt from his interview.

2013 FFCC Award Winners