The Certitude of Man

FFCC member Kai R. Sacco reviews Mike Cahill’s new film, I Origins, which centers on a molecular biologist’s quest to invalidate intelligent design through the study of the human eye. The following is an excerpt from his review.

I Origins Revew Header

I Origins

In Mike Cahill’s new film, I Origins, there’s a scene where atheist scientist Ian (Michael Pitt) is told by an Indian woman of faith about a pujari friend who admitted that if science were to ever invalidate his beliefs, he would accept that reality.

‘Good answer,’ Ian responds, blind to his own hypocrisy.

‘What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs?’ the woman asks.

I can’t recall which episode of Real Time it was, but Bill Maher said something (as he usually does) that resonated in the mind about the parochialism of non-believers and believers: ‘Atheism mirrors the certitude that is the hallmark of religion.’ It’s an interesting statement because it’s enlightening in the moment but obvious in hindsight; yet it carries a certain weight that prevents it from being forgotten. I Origins functions similarly, where the twists and turns briefly surprise before quickly revealing how pronounced they actually are; but there’s a value in the black and white that keeps it afloat.

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