FFCC members on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

FFCC members weigh in on J.J. Abram’s highly anticipated space opera Star Wars: The Force Awakens



Bill Gibron, Film Racket

“In terms of good old-fashioned entertainment, from the use of practical effects to John Williams’ reimagining his original soaring score, The Force Awakens is delightfully familiar.”

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Dan HudakPunch Drunk Movies

“There are some notable surprises and good laughs (including genuinely funny moments from Han and the BB-8), and some familiar faces pop up to engender a smile. However, far too much is unexplained, and the biggest flaw of all is the ending, which is unsatisfying.”

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Steven LebowitzWest Palm Beach & Miami Movie Examiner

“The 3-plus decades were worth the wait.”

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Hans Morgenstern, Independent Ethos

“As they finally get their chance to mess around in this world, you never get the sense that Abrams and co. are trying to do anything more than make Star Wars fun again…”

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Reuben Pereira, Film Frontier

“Though we’ll never be able to wipe our memories clean of the putrid excesses of George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, there’s a quantum of satisfaction in knowing that the future of this series is once again in safe hands.”

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Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

“For all its secrecy, The Force Awakens turns out to be shockingly predictable. The thrills this time come from the familiar, not the new.”

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