FFCC members on ‘A Star is Born’

FFCC members on Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star is Born.


Allison Hazlett-Rose, FlickDirect

“The story is neither fresh nor unique but Cooper’s take on it is fantastic.”

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Dan HudakPunch Drunk Movies

“Those eager to tout its greatness may want to slow down a bit, but the film is undeniably good, especially the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper, and the real emotional stakes that comprise their characters’ relationship.”

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Pavel Klein, The Jitney

“A theme reiterated throughout A Star Is Born is having something to say along with how you say it. I enjoyed the how of the movie, but I’m not sure all that much was being said.”

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Cameron MeierOrlando Weekly

“Every generation needs its Star, and the latest version – starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga – is a worthwhile addition to the series.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“The film’s unrelenting desire to continually dwell on the differences between these characters never allows for any subtlety in story nor performance.”

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Ruben Peralta RigaudCocalecas

“The fact that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have such good contrast, is worth every second on film.” (Translated from Spanish)

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Ruben RosarioMiami Art Zine

“Unabashedly cornball.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“Here’s the good news about Cooper’s adaptation: Lady Gaga, who plays Ally, can deliver lines, wring them for yuks and pathos, and hold the camera’s attention…The bad news is that it’s 2018, and the script, co-written by Cooper, Eric Roth, and Will Fetters, depends on the same masochistic tropes that were stupid at the height of the New Deal.”

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John ThomasonPalm Beach ArtsPaper

“This is A Star is Born for the airbrushed, PhotoShopped, AutoTuned Aughts, where fame is measured in YouTube page views and where humiliations go viral faster than Zika in the Amazon.”

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