Cameron Meier

Publications: The Orlando Weekly, The Detroit Metro Times,


Cameron Meier is a film critic, historian and reporter whose writing has appeared regularly in The Orlando Weekly and other Euclid Media publications such as The Detroit Metro Times and San Antonio Current, in addition to His work has also been featured in the Jacksonville Folio Weekly and on The Orlando Sentinel’s He is an occasional theatre and art critic, too, and former editor of Sunshine Artist Magazine.

When not writing, Cameron is serving as vice president of Paul Meier Dialect Services, which offers accent training to actors, and as executive editor of the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA).
A graduate of the University of Kansas’s William Allen White School of Journalism, Cameron nurtured his love of movies while working at the Disney-MGM Studios in the 1990s. And he enjoys wallowing in his uncured OCD by adding daily to his movie lists, which contain ratings for about 4,500 feature films and 3,000 shorts from 1888 to today.

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