FFCC members on ‘Colette’

FFCC members on Wash Westmoreland’s biopic Colette.


Cameron MeierOrlando Weekly

“Colette succeeds, despite its flaws, because of Knightley’s powerhouse performance, Michael Carlin’s sumptuous production design and Giles Nuttgen’s sensual cinematography.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“Beyond saying something about Colette, the film also stands as a comment on the sort of typecasting the actress has endured over the years, a moment that adds a fourth wall busting layer to her portrayal of a woman bucking against expectations.”

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Ruben Peralta RigaudCocalecas

Colette presents one of the most interesting and updated topics: The treatment of women by society and how society treats people who identify with the LGBTQ community.” (Translated from Spanish)

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Ruben RosarioPunch Drunk Movies

“Despite its gossamer flourishes, there is no doubt that Colette is deeply invested in its titular character’s emotional arc and the obstacles she confronts. Imagine A Doll’s House as adapted by Vincente Minnelli.”

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John Thomason, Boca Raton Magazine

“Her backstory is more important than the stories in her pages, and she’s convincingly painted as a proto-revolutionist for women’s autonomy, a French Nora escaping her dollhouse.”

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