FFCC members on ‘Carol’

FFCC critics provide their takes on Todd Haynes’ adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s lesbian romance Carol.


Juan BarquinDim the House Lights

“It exists as a pure tale of romance through a queer lens, untouched by a heterosexual gaze looking to fetishize the love between two women to score an Oscar or two. Imagining this tale presented any other way is impossible, just as imagining myself loving any film as much as I love this one this year is impossible.”

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Dan HudakPunch Drunk Movies

“Through the eyes of Todd Haynes, the story transforms into a stellar motion picture that tells its tale more through actions and mannerisms than it does through dialog. Carol is a patient, poetic and beautiful work that’s not to be missed.”

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Rene RodriguezMiami Herald

“Here, rendered beautifully and simply, is that most peculiar sensation of love at first sight.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“With its impeccable art direction, deluxe filigrees, and Haynes’ confidence in the material, Carol remains in a kind of stasis: a premier simulacrum of a movie. It’s as if Carol understands the language of queerness but is reluctant to translate its codes, insert the elisions, and rewrite the shorthand. It performs but doesn’t behave.”

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