Miami hosts U.S. theatrical premiere of Venezuelan film ‘The Longest Distance’; 2 FFCC critics’ opposing views

The Coral Gables Art Cinema in Miami is hosting the U.S. theatrical premiere of Venezuelan director Claudia Pinto Emperador’s feature debut The Longest Distance (La Distancia Mas Larga). Here are two opposing views on the film by Miami New Times film critic Hans Morgenstern and Miami Herald film critic Rene Rodriguez.


Hans Morgenstern, Miami New Times

“Human baggage and experiences are so deftly drawn, characters are understood through their flaws; their experiences informs their points of view on life and death.”

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Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

The Longest Distance is earnest in its attempt to explore how blame and forgiveness can be interchanged between generations or even strangers forced to get to know each other. But the film is also precious and occasionally ludicrous.”

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