FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern interviews Isabelle Huppert

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern spoke with actress Isabelle Huppert when she visited Miami for a career tribute during the Miami Film Festival. Here’s what she had to say on working with Hong Sang-soo in Claire’s Camera and what future projects she looks forward to.

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern and member Juan Barquin review 6 Miami Film Festival GEMS

FFCC chair Hans Morgenstern and FFCC member Juan Barquin had a chance to preview several movies premiering at Miami Dade College’s Miami Festival’s GEMS, a 4-day long film festival in Miami, for the Miami New Times. Both will also participate on a panel at the festival alongside members Ruben Rosario and Alfred Soto following the […]

Hans Morgenstern on 34th Miami Film Festival

FFCC vice chair Hans Morgenstern recaps his 34th Miami Film Festival experience, highlighting several films without distribution.