FFCC members on ‘Support the Girls’

FFCC members on Andrew Bujalski’s earthy workplace dramedy Support the Girls.

Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“It’s as real a movie than can be expected, subverting all sorts of escapism and transcending it to find resilience in being who you are, even if you are escaping your own truth and finding pain in dealing with it.”

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Ruben RosarioMiami Art Zine

Support the Girls begins in tears and ends with full-throated screams. In between is an irresistibly genial portrait of the joys and struggles of employees at a Hooters-style sports grill that is by far Andrew Bujalski’s most accessible movie to date.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“Although the last act substitutes the energy of a game cast for inspiration, Andrew Bujalski’s comedy is a good time.”

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