FFCC members on Olivier Assayas’ ‘Personal Shopper’

FFCC members on Olivier Assayas’ mysterious thriller starring Kristen Stewart, Personal Shopper

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Hans Morgenstern, Independent Ethos

“The genre trappings are a portal to something more grounded and real: a sense of identity and how expectations weigh one down on a personal level.”

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Skip Sheffield,  Skip Sheffield’s Flix, Muzik, Showz, Travel & More Blog

Personal Shopper is hard to categorize. If you believe in ghosts and the afterlife, you may lend more credence to this tale. If you are a skeptic you may wonder what’s the big whoop? The one thing on which I think we can all agree is that Kristin Stewart gives her all for this role.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“An uneasy gambol through the confines of ghost story and sociorealism, Personal Shopper at its best delineates the anxieties of educated people maneuvering through a fog of swank.”

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