FFCC Members on ‘The Salesman’

FFCC members on Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-nominated The Salesman.


Allison Hazlett, FlickDirect

“There is a reason Farhadi is an award-winning filmmaker and The Salesman is a shining example of his excellent work.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“A movie that both points to how reality seeps into fiction and how a fiction can never honestly present reality, be they dramatized for entertainment or the stories we tell when we don’t have all the facts.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“It’s to Asghar Farhadi’s credit that The Salesman doesn’t devolve into Straw Dogs in Tehran. The picture’s last thirty-five minutes, whose details I will not disclose, show Farhadi’s talent for putting the screws into his audience at its ghoulish peak; you won’t move while it unfolds. But when this act ends – I mean the term literally in this case – it leaves a rather sour aftertaste. I got the sense that a good filmmaker abjured complexity for a plot twist that his other work has shown he could handle.”

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