Mariana Delgado

Publication: Screen SpeckEmail MarianaTwitter Mariana (she/her) is a recent graduate student from the University of South Florida, where she foolishly earned a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Film Studies. She is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Screen Speck, a multi-cultural writing/media platform for up-and-coming unheard voices. As a freelance writer, she’s been featured on Collider, […]

Diego Andaluz

Publications: Freelance, DiscussingFilm, AwardsWatch, The Film Stage, The Global Film Show Follow Diego on TwitterEmail Diego As a freelance film critic, journalist, podcaster, and editor, Diego Andaluz currently works as DiscussingFilm’s Awards Editor as well as being the Editor-In-Chief and Host of The Global Film Show. A Rotten Tomatoes certified film critic, he has written for […]

Gisela Savdie

Publications: El Heraldo, Letra Urbana Email Gisela Gisela Savdie is a Colombian artist/writer living in Miami. She graduated as a Dentist from Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia, and later as an artist from the Miami International University of Art and Design. She has a Master of Arts from Barry University. She published a book in […]

Ruben Peralta Rigaud

Publications: Cocalecas, Listín Diario, Nota Clave, Cultura Colectiva, Sensa Cine, Cineasta Email Ruben Rubén Peralta Rigaud was born in Santo Domingo in 1980. Doctor in Medicine by profession, and writer of cinematographic reviews, he was the host of a daily radio show named “Cineasta Radio” for three years, as well as a collaborator of Cineasta print […]

Pavel Klein

Publications: Punch Drunk Movies, The Jitney, Write Pavel Write Email Pavel From a young age, Pavel Klein was a film geek; therefore, it was an easy decision when he chose to back up his filmic obsessions with some official accreditation. To that end, he studied at the University of Miami where he received a B.S.C […]

Cameron Meier

Publications: The Orlando Weekly, The Detroit Metro Times, EmailFacebookTwitter Cameron Meier is a film critic, historian and reporter whose writing has appeared regularly in The Orlando Weekly and other Euclid Media publications such as The Detroit Metro Times and San Antonio Current, in addition to His work has also been featured in the Jacksonville Folio Weekly and on The Orlando Sentinel’s […]