FFCC Members on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

FFCC members on Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun: Maverick

Allison Hazlett-Rose, FlickDirect

“Much like Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible movies, Cruise embodies the character of Maverick with all his bravado, insecurities and skeletons.”

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Rubén Peralta Rigaud, Cocalecas

“Reseña a ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ dirigida por Joseph Kosinski, con Tom Cruise, John Hamm, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly y Val Kilmer.”

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Rubén Rosario, Miamiartzine

“Despite my issues, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ accomplishes what it sets out to do: deliver an expertly crafted nostalgia machine that pays tribute to its predecessor while making some notable improvements. It’s prestige popcorn entertainment that has little use for the disreputable pleasures the late Tony Scott whipped up more than three decades ago.”

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