FFCC members on Gabriel Mascaro’s ‘Neon Bull’

FFCC members on Brazilian filmmaker Gabriel Mascaro’s Neon Bull.


Juan BarquinDim the House Lights

“Cazarré is, at all times, a compelling actor to be at the center of a film, in part because of his handsome looks, though this helps given the physical, dialogue-light nature of the role.”

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Rubén RosarioMiami Art Zine

“What ultimately makes Neon Bull so consistently engaging is that it sidesteps self-importance to achieve a quiet, contemplative grace. Its rough-hewn poetry is forged in quotidian strife.”

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Alfred SotoHumanizing the Vacuum

“Mascaro has made a valentine to a way of life that dovetails with American and European notions of primitivism, the characters’ casual approach to sex and work presented as a balm.”

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