FFCC members review Sean Baker’s ‘Tangerine’

FFCC members review Sean Baker’s screwball queer comedy Tangerine.


Juan Barquin, Dim the House Lights

“A total fucking delight.”

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Patrick Cooper, Orlando Weekly

Tangerine is a widescreen beauty queen with richer photography and more assured direction than any Hollywood fare this year. To reiterate, Tangerine is alive.”

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Hans MorgensternIndependent Ethos

“This is a comedy, but it’s also more. It’s a sincerely human and confrontational film that arrives at its insights with a brazen sense of humor and a light touch.”

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Andres Solar, Punch Drunk Movies

Tangerine is a heck of a misfire from the Baker/Burgoch team, but glimmers, such as in the clever trompe l’oeil main title sequence and the funny, chaotic doughnut shop scene, keep the filmmakers firmly in the ‘ones to watch’ category.”

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