Rene Rodriguez on Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

FFCC member Rene Rodriguez reviews Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


Watching the zippy, ebullient Guardians of the Galaxy,you wonder “Why can’t all comic-book movies be this much fun?” Granted, a talking raccoon named Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) would be out of place in the brooding Dark Knight pictures, and a talking tree (Vin Diesel) that knows only three words — “I am Groot” — would have stood out against the somber backdrop ofMan of Steel. But director James Gunn (Slither, Super) has a luxury all those other movies didn’t: These characters are, at least by Batman standards, relatively obscure, so there are no specific targets he needs to hit, no specific origin stories he needs to tell.

Most of all, Gunn and co-writer Nicole Perlman are allowed to have fun with this crew of five likable star-hoppers, which also includes the earthling Peter (Chris Pratt, as funny here as he is in Parks and Recreation), the green-skinned Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and the musclebound Drax (pro wrestler Dave Bautista).

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