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The Florida Film Critics Circle (FFCC) is an organization of 25 film critics and writers from Florida-based print and online publications. Founded in 1996, the FFCC strives to recognize outstanding work in film, further the cause of good movies, and maintain the highest level of professionalism among film critics in Florida.

To be eligible for FFCC membership consideration, a candidate must be nominated by a member in good standing, be a critic who regularly reviews movies for a publication (or publications) based in Florida, or a critic who lives in Florida and who regularly reviews movies for an online service, and work independently of the movie industry.

At the end of each year, the FFCC members vote for awards for outstanding achievements in the films of that year. Each critic submits their top picks in the following categories:

Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Ensemble
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Screenplay
Best Foreign Language Film
Best Animated Film
Best Documentary
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design/Art Direction
Best Score
Best Visual Effects
Best First Film

Also awarded are the Pauline Kael Breakout Award and the Golden Orange for Outstanding Contribution to Film.

To read more about becoming a member of the FFCC and its by-laws, visit the Membership page.



2 Responses to “About Us”
  1. Omar Melendez says:

    My name is Omar Melendez, I am 16 years old and I enjoy watching movies and I would love to be a movie critic for you guys someday. I live in Sunrise, Florida and I am very quick learner. If you do not mind, I would like to get some tips from you guys.

  2. Hans Morgenstern says:

    Hi, Omar! So nice to hear. I think several of us can give you varying degrees of advice. But here’s mine: Writing takes time over the years, and it is from that time that we grow as observers. I recommend you go out an observe, read the best film critics (I would recommend a subscription to Film Comment magazine), watch a lot of movies but also, and most important, live your life outside of that world. Write about it all as you go, keep a journal or a blog. The film criticism will come later. You have so much time! I didn’t seriously become a critic until I was 40, but I wrote about music in publications since my 20s. I also worked at many film festivals (and attended many) in the programming department (I started as an intern and later even had input into programming). Film criticism hardly ever pays well. It’s only over time that you will be paid. It’s best to spend that time before exploring your voice and tastes and living your life! All the best! I hope this helps.

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