FFCC members review Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Sicario’

FFCC members review Denis Villeneuve’s latest thriller Sicario.

Steven Lebowitz

Publications: ScreenQueen Twitter handle: @Lebofilms Email Steven   Steven Lebowitz began his work as a film critic in 2009. He attended midnight shows on Thursdays and wrote reviews into the early hours of the morning so a review of a new movie would be available to the public first thing on Friday. He started out as the West Palm […]

FFCC members review Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’

FFCC members weigh in on Ridley Scott’s science fiction dramedy, The Martian.

John Thomason

Publications: Boca Raton Magazine, Palm Beach ArtsPaper Email John   John’s passion for film writing began in the halcyon days of high school, when every “free-writing” session in English class would inevitably be a movie review. He continued professionally at alternative weeklies (Orlando Weekly, Detroit Metro Times and City Link) and not-so-alternative weeklies (The Sun-Sentinel’s Forum Publishing Group community papers). […]

Allison Hazlett-Rose

Publications: FlickDirect Twitter handle: @moviegirlali Email Allison Allison Hazlett-Rose has always had a passion for the arts. She is the Executive Vice President of  Media Relations for FlickDirect, an entertainment publication based in southern Florida. Mrs. Hazlett-Rose is originally from New Jersey and attended Hofstra University where she earned her bachelors degree in communications.  She reviews everything […]

Alfred Soto

Publications: Humanizing the Vacuum  Twitter handle: @SotoAlfred Email Alfred   Alfred Soto is a student media coordinator and instructor of journalism at Florida International University. He was the features editor of Stylus Magazine. He is an editor at The Singles Jukebox. His work has appeared in Billboard, Slate, SPIN, The Village Voice, the Pitchfork Review, among other […]

Miami hosts U.S. theatrical premiere of Venezuelan film ‘The Longest Distance’; 2 FFCC critics’ opposing views

The Coral Gables Art Cinema in Miami is hosting the U.S. theatrical premiere of Venezuelan director Claudia Pinto Emperador’s feature debut The Longest Distance (La Distancia Mas Larga). Here are two opposing views on the film by Miami New Times film critic Hans Morgenstern and Miami Herald film critic Rene Rodriguez.

FFCC members review Scott Cooper’s ‘Black Mass’

FFCC members review Scott Cooper’s gangster drama Black Mass.

Mélanie Laurent, director of Breathe, interview by Juan Barquin

FFCC member Juan Barquin spoke to filmmaker Mélanie Laurent, about her second feature film, Respire (Breathe). His interview covers adapting Anne-Sophie Brasme’s novel, working with her talented young leads, and finding her eye as a filmmaker.

Alex Ross Perry, director of Queen of Earth, two-part interview by Hans Morgenstern

FFCC member Hans Morgenstern spoke to Queen of Earth writer/director Alex Ross Perry about subverting audience expectations, his film-making techniques and the dearth of deals after the buzz of Listen Up Philip …